Our Process For Buyers

Our process with you, the potential business buyer, usually starts after you contact us regarding one or more of our listed businesses for sale.

We can answer general questions regarding a listed business; however, in order to provide you with detailed information, a few things need to happen:

We need to understand your buying goals and we do that by talking with you either in person or on the phone.  During this discussion we cover the following topics:

  • Type(s) of business(es) preferred
  • Location(s) preferred
  • Timeframe for acquisition
  • Businesses you have already looked at
  • Price Range
  • Amount of Cash available to invest
  • Financing Sources Available
  • Will you be the Owner/Operator?
  • If so, what is your minimum monthly income requirement?
  • Or will you be the Owner and employ a Manager?
  • Your previous or current business ownership
  • A brief description of your business background


Your answers to these questions will allow us to match you with the best businesses that are available that meet your criteria.

Next we will forward you the Confidentiality and Non-disclosure document required by our Sellers in order to present you with detailed information about their business.  As you can imagine, they will be sharing sensitive financial and trade information with you, and they only want serious buyers to have access to the information.

The next step is the fun part!  We assist you in evaluating specific businesses and we help to manage the process of you looking at those businesses.

For more information on buying a business, visit our Buyers Frequently Asked Questions page.